• Tim Feeley

    Life, love and Product Management. (Frequently cats, too.)

    Welcome to Tim Feeley's home on the web. When not writing about himself in the third person to help increase his SEO rankings, Tim can be found in a number of places: happily working at Director of Site Experience at TripAdvisor, cavorting about Boston whilst enjoying new restaurants, bars and jaunts of all types or unashamedly refusing to use Oxford commas when making lists of threes.
    Professionally, my interests include delighting Users of digital products by sweating the small stuff, thoroughly enjoying all aspects of product development and using Golden Girls images as placeholders in my designs. My Gallup top 5 strengths are: Futuristic, Strategic, Positivity, Ideation, Individualization. My favorite cocktails is a Hendrick's Gin Martini.
    I enjoy (and am pretty good at) getting my hands dirty with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, especially when it's on a LAMP stack. I'm not so shabby at building WordPress sites, themes and plugins. When not in an IDE or terminal window, I can also be found rocking OmniGraffle, Photoshop, and if I'm feeling so inspired, Visio, Axure, Balsimiq and Photoshop.
    Currently, I'm trying to learn Ruby (fairly successfully, I'd say) and how to more effectively froth milk for my lattes. 
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